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Business intelligence (BI) is a technique for gathering, analyzing and using business data as critical information to gain competitive edge. Given the increased rate of competition, risk and uncertainties in our business environment today, the application of business intelligence has become imperative. It is an important tool for evaluating emerging scenarios and making informed decisions. This workshop is designed to update the knowledge and skills of participants in business data gathering and utilization.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

         discuss the concept of business intelligence;

         analyze the relevance of business intelligence in decision making;

         identify data for business intelligence; and

         make informed business decisions.


         Business Intelligence Essentials

         Environmental Scanning Techniques

         Business Analytics for Informed Decisions

         Balance Score Card and Strategy Map

         Financial Intelligence

         Data Gathering Methods

         Analyzing Business Data

         Competitive Market Strategies

         Risk Assessment Process

         Application of Business Intelligence for Effective Management

Target Group

CEOs, Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Managers, Retirees and Management Trainers in public and private organisations.

Training Fee: Seventy Five Thousand Naira (N75,000) Only.

Duration: Three (3) days.