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Because of the furious pace of change in business today, difficulty to manage relationships sabotage more business than anything else – it is not a question of strategy that gets managers and leaders into trouble, it is a question of emotions

Recent research shows a direct positive correlation between a leader’s people skills/EI levels, to improved employee engagement levels, increased customer service, and ultimate positive impact on the organization’s results and profits. Likewise, there is a direct link between an employee’s level of EI, and their performance.

Emotional intelligence is now recognized as a key factor in employee/leadership performance and success. Effective leaders and people are able to lead themselves first, before leading others – managing your own emotions, enables you to be in touch with other’s emotions, thus managing relationships.


         Introduction and definitions of EI

         Emotional self-assessment

         Managing emotions

         Emotional expression

         Emotional understanding

         Relationship building

         Tact, transparency and emotional control

         Impact, influence, agility  and resilience

         Practical application of EI models

         EI competencies of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and interpersonal skills

         Links to positive psychology and brain based leadership

Target Group

Managers, administrators, supervisors, heads, business executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, management and business professionals and individuals who have decided to learn and develop their emotional intelligence competencies to enhance as well as manage their relationships at work and in life.

Training Fee:

Ninety Five Thousand Naira (N95,000) Only

Duration: Three (3) days.