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Corporate Management Professional

As our custom is in this great institute, we always give back to our community from the much it had given us. We do this through continuous research to finding out what the community needs. In this present dispensation, it is either a company keeps up with innovation or evaporates. The innovative and creativity capacity of any organization depends greatly on the intellectual capacity of her employees. Every now and then, businesses shot down because they lack or have inadequate human resources with the required skills.

This course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform at their peak in a corporate environment. Also, to help MSME entrepreneurs to structure their businesses for high performance, excellence, productivity and profitability. Participants will understand what and how corporate management functions, the overwhelming benefits it brings and be able to apply the strategies they would be taught in their everyday activities.

CEOs, Business Directors, Executives, MSME Entrepreneurs, Career Persons, Managers and others.
This program is geared towards building an individual for efficiency and effectiveness in corporate service. Participants will be schooled in;
• Essentials of Corporate Management
• Strategic Planning
• Critical Thinking
• Emotional Intelligence
• Motivation
• Performance Appraisal
• Time Management
• Corporate Ethics
• Corporate Communications
• Corporate Stress Management
• Corporate Governance
• Conflict Resolution
• Leadership Development
• Team Building
This course is administered in two levels.

Executive: N65,000 | NYSC Special: N15,000

Specific Benefits Of This Opportunity
• Opportunity to be trained by experienced and quality entrepreneurs.
• Opportunity for networking.
• Access to professional membership and license.
• Free mentorship and coaching.
• Opportunity to attend local and international conferences for free.
• Opportunity for personal branding.
• Lunch will be served.
• Free e-copy of all materials
• Free job and career advisory.
• Free business advisory

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