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Monitoring involves the assessment of progress of a programme or project in comparison with declared intent or goal. Its objective is to detect deviations from declared intentions. Observed divergences provide the basis for taking corrective measures. Evaluation however is carried out to ascertain the extent to which objectives and targets were achieved. It is directed toward ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved. Result-based monitoring and evaluation (RBM&E) is a powerful tool used to track the progress and impact of a given programme or project.   It moves beyond traditional monitoring and evaluation, which places emphasis on inputs and outputs, to a greater focus on outcomes and impact. Governments or organisations may successfully implement programmes but may not achieve intended results. The RBM&E approach presents a detailed description of the measurement, analysis and report needed to assess implementation and impact of a project.

This workshop will build and strengthen the skills and competencies of participants in monitoring and evaluating projects.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

         discuss the concept of result-based monitoring and evaluation;

         distinguish between traditional and result-based M&E;

         identify issues in result-based M&E;

         generate actionable monitoring and evaluation report; and

         apply tools and techniques for result-based monitoring and evaluation.


         Overview of the National M&E Framework

         Result-Based Monitoring and Evaluation: Concepts, Types and Roles

         The Result-Based Logic Model/Results Chain

         Designing a Result-Based M&E System

         Designing Key Performance Indicators

         Strategies for Result-Based M&E

         Implementing Result-Based M&E Plan

Target Group

Policy Makers; Project Managers; Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers in public and private organisations. Officials of Non-Governmental Organizations with monitoring and evaluation focus can attend.

Duration: Three (3) days.

Training Fee:  Ninety Five Thousand Naira (N95,000) Only.