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Strategic Entrepreneurship and Management Professional


In Economics, entrepreneurs are considered among the core factors of production but in this present era we do not consider entrepreneurship as  core to organizational and national transformation. We have relegated entrepreneurship which is the hub of innovation, creativity and performance, to become an alternative to job placement. This is strange!!! Little wonder organizations are folding up and a greater number are under-performing because of absence of adequately skilled and seasoned entrepreneurs in organizations.

In recent time, entrepreneurial skills had gained prominence in the labour market during recruitment. Employers are beginning to realize that to revive this dying economy, entrepreneurs need to be giving their right place in an organization and in the nation at large.

Strategic Entrepreneurship and Management has therefore become a dire need in this present day of ever-increasing poverty and unemployment with strange levels of underperformance  in organizations both in the private and public domains which is a direct result of inadequately skilled manpower manning operations in these organizations.  

Strategic Objectives

SEM is aimed at raising skilled and seasoned strategic entrepreneurs across the globe with unequalled practical entrepreneurial, business, management and leadership  skills for the purpose of unimaginable economic transformation.


CEOs, Business Directors, Executives, MSME Entrepreneurs, Career Persons, Managers and others.

Programme Content 

  •     Essentials of Strategic Entrepreneurship and Management
  •     Personal Productivity & Strategic Branding
  •     Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Development
  •     Value Innovation  & Product Development
  •     Strategic Planning & Business Mechanics
  •     Human Resources Management
  •     Customer Relationship Management
  •     Financial and Accounting Management
  •     Enterprise Governance & Risk Management
  •     Strategic Marketing Management
  •        Strategic Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Course Administration

This course is administered in two levels.


Executive: N65,000 | NYSC Special: N15,000

 Specific Benefits Of This Opportunity 

  •     Opportunity to be trained by experienced  and quality entrepreneurs.
  •     Opportunity for  networking.
  •     Access to professional membership and license.
  •     Free mentorship and coaching.
  •     Opportunity to attend local and international conferences for free.
  •     Opportunity for personal branding.
  •     Lunch will be served.
  •     Free e-copy of all materials
  •     Free job and career advisory.
  •     Free business advisory