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Today, the human mind is often absorbed in so much data, that it has difficulty processing the multitude of facts and relationships simultaneously and sometimes forgets important elements. Thus, as plans become more and more intricate, they should be documented in writing and include qualitative narratives of goals, objectives, and means of accomplishing the objectives.

This workshop is highly interactive and involves participants in the process of completing a Strategic Plan. It describes all activities of top-down planning from a Vision/Mission Statement to the execution at the operational level.  The material is appropriate for middle to upper management, those who aspire to executive positions, and business professionals who are responsible for executing the plans at the tactical and execution levels.


The following topics are covered in depth via hands-on exercises:

         Creating a Vision & Mission Statement (who we are and what our purpose is)

         SWOT Analysis (identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

         Corporate Strategy (the plan to execute the Mission considering SWOT assumptions)

         Competitive Priorities (what we compete on – what the marketplace values)

         Operations Structure (competitive priorities, facilities, capacity, technology)

         Operations Infrastructure (workforce staffing, design, quality, information systems)

         Operations Control (priority and capacity planning, supply chain management)

         Performance Measurement (the criteria that keeps us on target to accomplish the Mission)

Participants work in teams to create effective business organization and develop strategic and operational plans as part of the workshop activities. Teams will complete exercises that demonstrate the process of strategic planning and take away a complete understanding of the Strategic Planning Process.

Target Groups

Strategic planners, all managers, administrators, heads, supervisors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, directors and others.

Duration: Three (3) days.

Training Fee: Seventy Five Thousand Naira (N75,000) Only.